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Hole 1

Par 5 with an almost 90-degree dogleg. Elevated green guarded by a bunker on the left. Medium to High Difficulty.

Hole 2

Long and demanding Par 3, with a large bunker on the right side of the green.
High Difficulty.

Hole 3

Severe Par 4, requiring an accurate drive between the bunkers. Medium/long iron for the challenging second shot.
High Difficulty.

Hole 4

Demanding Par 4, accurate shot required from the elevated tee. Medium to long iron for the second shot to avoid bunkers on the right side of the green.
High Difficulty.

Hole 5

Short Par 5 with an opportunity for a birdie. Requires a good drive. A large bunker on the left side of the fairway.
Low Difficulty.

Hole 6

Straight Par 4, with everything visible from the tee. Bunkers surround the green. Difficulty depends on flag position.
Low to Medium Difficulty.

Hole 7

Par 3 with an island green. Requires an accurate shot with a medium/short iron.
High Difficulty.

Hole 8

Simple Par 4. The biggest problem is the sloping green and the bunker waiting to catch faulty approach shots.
Low to Medium Difficulty

Hole 9

Par 4 with a classic design. The green is placed between mounds, bunkers and the rough. Lake hidden on the left side of the green.
Medium to High Difficulty.

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